Plan for Opportunity

We all share in the responsibility of working to achieve our shared goals for a strong, resilient and vibrant Mississippi Gulf Coast. A consortium of organizations in the Mississippi Gulf Region is partnering with local governments, community groups, local industry and residents across a broad range of areas to lead the development of a regional plan that will provide a clear vision for how we can improve the economic success, transportation options and environmental quality of our area.

This effort, called The Plan for Opportunity, is intended to help guide sustainable development practices, sound decision-making and cost-effective strategies – both for individual communities and the region overall – to improve transportation, housing and employment options for all communities along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The goal is to enable better decision-making that will lower household costs, save money and improve return on investment from use of tax dollars. To understand the role of sustainability in planning for the future of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the plan covers six key areas including water, food, economic development and workforce, transportation and land use, housing, and resiliency. The plan focuses on solutions that will help grow the economy and improve our overall quality of life.

Working together to coordinate efforts and share ideas will ensure that the unique conditions and needs of each community are addressed while achieving the regional vision developed in the Plan for Opportunity. A series of community meetings will be held later this year to gather feedback and additional ideas and to identify priorities for the region to guide the plan. In the coming months, plan partners will be working together to define ways for each community to join in supporting the Plan for Opportunity to carry out the strategies and identify funding for specific projects. While this is a regional plan, it outlines ways that individual communities can support achieving shared goals for our region and accomplish the plan’s desired outcomes. For more information on how you can get involved and to stay informed of the Plan’s progress, please visit our events calendar and Get Involved page.