Transportation & Land Use


Most commuters along the Mississippi Gulf Coast rely on cars for their daily transportation needs due to the spread out nature of development in the region. This has led to challenges and higher household costs for those who live in the suburban or rural areas of the Coast, as well as those that may not always have a car available.

The challenge is to better connect mobility options such as buses, bikeways and roadways to better access employment locations and serve existing and planned development areas.

By encouraging housing and development with well-planned transportation facilities and services, reducing transit wait times, creating express transit service, and making walking and bicycling safer by closing gaps in the sidewalk network and expanding the trail network, we can improve the transportation options for everyone in the region. These strategies will make transportation more accessible and lead to healthier residents and employees through better air quality and more active transportation.

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Transportation and Land Use Documents

Mississippi Gulf Coast Transportation Assessment (13.5 MB)
Transportation Stakeholder Analysis (750 KB)
Mississippi Gulf Coast Transportation Recommendations (1 MB)

Regional Land Use Assessment (24 MB)

Transportation and Land Use FactSheet