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The need for more housing options in the region is apparent. Affordable housing is a key issue for many residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Insurance premiums have risen dramatically since Hurricane Katrina, making it difficult for families to remain along the coast and creating a barrier to redevelopment.

A few of the strategies developed through the plan include amending zoning requirements to accommodate a variety of housing options and different types of housing such as accessory dwelling units in appropriate locations, increasing options for vulnerable populations such as seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income residents, and providing home buyer assistance and education programs. These strategies will help the Mississippi Gulf Coast achieve a fair and affordable housing system to accommodate future populations living on the coast.

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Housing Documents

Mississippi Gulf Coast Housing Assessment (9.5 MB)
Mississippi Gulf Coast Housing Stakeholder Analysis (660 KB)
Mississippi Gulf Coast Housing Recommendations (1 MB)
Mississippi Gulf Coast Fair Housing and Equity Assessment (10 MB)

Housing FactSheet
Fair Housing and Equity Assessment FactSheet

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