The Plan for Opportunity has committees devoted to key areas of sustainability planning:

  • Transportation & Land Use

    Most commuters along the Mississippi Gulf Coast rely on cars for their daily transportation needs due to the spread out nature of development in the region. This has led to challenges and higher household costs for those who live in the suburban or rural areas of the Coast, as well as those that may not […]
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  • Resilience

    A resilient system has the ability to recover from expected or unexpected circumstances that threaten to destroy a system.  The systems of transportation, housing, food, water and economic development and work force comprise the Plan for Opportunity and each have unique vulnerabilities.  The Plan for Opportunity studied these vulnerabilities and developed recommendations and strategies to […]
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  • Housing

    The need for more housing options in the region is apparent. Affordable housing is a key issue for many residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Insurance premiums have risen dramatically since Hurricane Katrina, making it difficult for families to remain along the coast and creating a barrier to redevelopment. A few of the strategies developed […]
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  • Water

    The people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast enjoy the region’s waters for recreation, as well as employment. Tourists come to the coast to enjoy the beaches, barrier islands, fishing and eco-tourism activities. A key challenge is public perception of water quality, with many visitors not understanding the brown water is a sign of health rather […]
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  • Food Systems

    Food is an important part of the culture, history and economy of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The region’s residents and visitors enjoy fresh seafood, blueberries and other produce. However, many of the region’s residents lack convenient access to grocery stores selling fresh food. The region’s fishers struggle to earn a living wage due to pricing […]
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  • Economic Development

    The Mississippi Gulf Coast has targeted industries that will help grow its economy, such as tourism, shipbuilding, advanced manufacturing and aerospace. For the Mississippi Gulf Coast to continue to rebound from the combined effects of Katrina, the Gulf Oil Spill and the national recession and remain competitive, developing an educated, trained, and diverse workforce will […]
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