Partner Showcase

Highlighting the sustainable best practices in our region is a great way to inform, support and celebrate the great work done on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This page celebrates the work being conducted by our partners in the region and will feature a partner’s work each month.

July Featured Partners

The Heritage Trails Partnership of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain are our featured partners for July. Both of these great organizations have been active advocates to preserve and protect outdoor areas for recreational use. Among their many efforts, the Heritage Trails Partnership and Land Trust several projects to develop, expand and maintain a regional blueway/greenway system for the coastal region.

On July 8th, 2014, the City of Gulfport is hosting a public hearing to discuss the development of two new blueways in Gulfport. Please contact the Heritage Trails Partnership or the Land Trust for more information regarding this public hearing or for more information regarding the two proposed Blueways in Gulfport.

Proposed Blueway 1

Gulfport Lake Blueway

Proposed Blueway 2

Turkey Creek Blueway


image_13563043228401356304323The Trails Partnership envisions a safe, coast-wide network of diverse trails that connect neighborhoods to businesses, schools, green spaces, and blue spaces where everyone can enjoy scenic, historic, educational and natural areas. 



15388The Mississippi Coastal Plain is a patchwork of diverse habitats and histories that can be found nowhere else in the world. These irreplaceable plant and animal communities include tidal and freshwater rivers, oxbows, tidal and freshwater marshes, pine savannas and flatwoods, upland pine forests, and bayhead forests and swamps. These ecosystems are inter-dependent, and they play essential roles in the quality of life in South Mississippi. These places are productive, fragile, and beautiful.

Thanks to land preservation organizations called “Land Trusts,” land can be preserved for future generations through donation, conservation easements, or sale to the Land Trust. We welcome everyone, landowners and non-landowners, who share the stewardship ideals of the Land Trust to join with our organization to protect our great resources.