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Scenario Planning Mapbook

During the three-year process to develop the Plan for Opportunity, many maps were created to support the work. In support of the Scenario Planning work with Criterion Planners, a map book full of a variety of maps and data was created. Access this resource by clicking here.


Mississippi Gulf Coast Existing Land Use



View the Existing Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional Land Use Map here.






Tool Box

Scenario Planning

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 3.17.54 PMDeveloped by Criterion Planners, INDEX is an integrated suite of planning support tools for neighborhoods, communities, and regions. It was introduced in 1994 for land-use, transportation, and environmental planners and educators engaged in:

  • Assessing community conditions.
  • Designing future scenarios.
  • Measuring scenarios with performance indicators.
  • Ranking scenarios by goal achievement.
  • Monitoring implementation of adopted plans.

Gulf Coast Index Tool 

To access the Gulf Coast Index Tool, please contact Ken Holland at (229) 864-1167.

Opportunity Mapping

KirwanOver the past decade, the Kirwan Institute has developed Opportunity Mapping for use to build capacity for decision making and community engagement in more than two dozen states across the country. The geographic footprint of opportunity in the Mississippi Gulf Coast points to an important lesson about the region: the importance of, and linkages between, opportunity and place. Place is important for opportunity and it is multidimensional, this is why opportunity maps incorporate data across spheres such as access to healthcare, quality education, housing, and employment, among others. It is this holistic approach to community development which makes opportunity mapping unique.

Access the Kirwan Opportunity Mapping Tool & Report by clicking the following link:
Opportunity Mapping

Please note: The Interactive Opportunity Map requires the Microsoft Silverlight Plugin. Please make sure that you have Microsoft Silverlight and/or the most current version.